Wellbeing courses for the education sector

Create happy and mentally healthy, resilient staff and students for a thriving college or university.


Wellbeing workshops and seminars

Our wellbeing workshops and seminars are psychology-based, fun, interactive and accessible to all.

There are available for staff, managers or students and can be run as a 1-2 hour seminar to large groups (e.g., your staff conference) and also as half-to-full day workshops for groups of up to 12 people.

Choose from a bespoke option or one of our tried and tested sessions:

Similing Team
Marketing team meeting

Stress management – easy strategies to improve your life

Our stress management sessions will give participants:

  • A better understanding of what stress is

  • More awareness of how it affects them, their colleagues and the organisation

  • Easy strategies for handling stress more effectively

Managing wellbeing – a positive psychology approach

Our managing wellbeing sessions will:

  • Provide tips on how to focus on positive emotions, and how to manage negative ones

  • Offer advice on how participants can get the most out of their personal and professional lives

  • Help participants to derive a greater sense of meaning and achievement from their work

Building better relationships at work/college

 Our building better relationships sessions will:

  • Help participants to identify problems in relationships and explore solutions

  • Reflect on how individuals can give and receive support

  • Look at strategies for getting others on board

Why invest in wellbeing training?

Looking after your staff’s wellbeing and mental health is a great way to improve:

  • Productivity

  • Engagement

  • Loyalty

It will also better equip your staff to help support the wellbeing and mental health of their students.

Mental health is a big issue for young people… According to an ONS survey almost 1 in 4 children and young people show some evidence of mental ill health (including anxiety and depression)*. 

Courses are led by Dr Dan Bishop.


About Dr Dan Bishop

BSc (Hons), MSc, Ph.D., C.Psychol, AFBPsS, HCPC, FHEA


Coach, psychologist, educator, researcher, marathon winner and published author.

As an HCPC-registered Practitioner Psychologist, I have coached and delivered workshops to a wide variety of people including elite sportspeople and their coaches, students and employees. Using tried and tested, scientifically-based theories, I support others to achieve their goals.

For over a decade, I’ve been a Senior Lecturer and Researcher in the psychology of sport, health and exercise at Brunel University London. I am the Programme Lead for the BSc Psychology (Sport, Health and Exercise).

Wellbeing trainer

Over recent years, I’ve become fascinated by the scientific basis for the positive effects of wellbeing on the results we get at work and study. Work-life balance and wellbeing at work are highly topical issues that regularly hit the headlines.

My series of wellbeing workshops/courses are aimed specifically at those working and studying within an educational institution, a setting which I know and understand well.

My passions include my family, lifelong learning, wellbeing and fitness.

I have an energetic, friendly delivery style and a results-focused approach.

Check out some client testimonials here.


Word on the Street

“Dr Dan Bishop delivered an engaging and interesting session for my colleagues as part of a staff event on Health & Wellbeing.

Dan was the Keynote speaker to my department of c.150 staff, delivering a thought provoking and interactive discussion on Positive Psychology,   which was immensely well received by colleagues.

I would recommend Dan as a positive, engaging and challenging speaker for other events and activities.”

Jilly Court, Registrar, Brunel University London

 “Dan has helped tremendously with my tennis career. He is able to facilitate and plan my development in my tennis to ensure we are always maximising my progress and we achieve the goals we outline with maximum efficiency. His extensive psychological input is also invaluable!”

Jonathan Gray, Professional Tennis Player

“Thank you for delivering three excellent sessions around wellbeing. I thought they were pitched exactly right, with the right amount of depth and opportunity for self-reflection.

Personally, I really benefited from the sessions; I found them very positive with lots of constructive ideas for moving forward.”

Esther Bray, Projects Officer, Brunel University London




There’s a growing body of evidence which shows the positive effect that wellbeing has on organisations:

The report ‘Does Worker wellbeing affect workplace performance’ concludes ‘there is a prima facie case for employers to consider investing in the wellbeing of their employees on the basis of the likely performance benefits.’


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